Machine Learning Project Ideas

In our earlier article in Machine Learning we have learnt What is Machine Learning?. Now we will discuss some of the applications that can be developed using Machine Learning. Mostly you have to work over Classification or Prediction using various machine learning algorithms.

Stock Prediction using Machine Learning : In this project we can predict Stock Prices or Stock Movements Prediction based on Previous Historical Data and various features those affect to Movement of Stock and Prices of Stock.

Crop Production Prediction using Weather Dataset : In this Application we can predict the various Crop Production in particular area based on Weather Dataset and previous dataset of Crop Productions.

Political Prediction Based on News and Reviews : In this application we have to work over various news and reviews of people. News should be related to topics that affects to Government Policy. We can classify weather people are happy with current government policies or unhappy.

Social Media Sentimental Analysis : It is large topic that can cover so many subtopics. You can use dataset of various social media and analyze it using Machine Learning Algorithms.

Recommendation System : This is also wide application that can contain many subtopics eg. Course Recommendation System using Student Results. Movie Recommendation, Software Recommendation any so many systems can be developed.

Sports Winner Prediction : You can work over Cricket World Cup Winner Predictor, Highest Run Maker Predictor, Best Bowler Predictor and so many. As well as you can also work for Football also.

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