Project Definition List for Beginners in Python

As we have discussed some project definition lists for Python/Machine Learning and Some Bachelor Degree Project Definition List in our earlier posts. We have also discussed some Data Mining Projects. In this post we are going to discuss some interesting Mini Projects in Python that is useful for beginners.

At Initial Stage One Should Go for any Small Game like

KIDS QUIZ : Where Some Mathematical and English Quiz for KIDS can be developed. Where UI should be basic but Attractive for KID. There should be faculties to add Questions based on Images and Text. Like Show the Color and Enter the Spelling for Color; Name the Animal;Name the Bird etc. In mathematical portion we can add basic mathematical quiz. Sounds for Correct and Incorrect answer can add value to your project. There should be facilities to watch history of Quiz and should display Improvement Reports. We can also add some Spelling Game to Fill Missing Characters, Find out odd one etc. can be added depend on time.

IMAGE UTILITY : If you are good at image processing, you can use some libraries for developing an Image Utility that should have some basic functionalities like Text To Image , Read Text from Image, Finding out Duplicate Images, Finding out nearly Similar Images from Folders, Cropping, Coloring, Drawing on Canvas etc functionalities can be added as per your choice.

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