Multiple Interface in Java

As Java does not support Multiple Inheritance, but you can implement more than one interfaces like.

interface Sports{
void practice();
void match();

interface Study{
void exam();
void read();
class Student implements Sports,Study{

public void practice(){
System.out.println("Practice for Game");

public void match(){
System.out.println("Play a Match");

public void exam(){
System.out.println("Appear to Exam");

public void read(){
System.out.println("Read for Exam");


public class MultiInterfaceDemo{
public static void main(String []a){
Student S= new Student();

Output of Program

Practice for Game
Play a Match
Read for Exam
Appear to Exam

In java one class can implement more than one interfaces, class must override all the methods of all interfaces that is being implemented or class must be abstract.

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