Latest Data Mining Project Ideas

As we have earlier discussed What is Data Mining?, Languages for Data Mining. Now We will discuss some of the applications those can be developed using Data Mining. We have included topics from Text Mining and Web Mining. But Before this I will recommend Scope of Data Mining if you have not visited still.

Document Summarization : As a part of Text Mining you can work over this topic. There are sub topics like News Summarization, Online Article Summarization (Web mining) etc. can be developed.

Document Classification : This is also a topic where you can use Data Mining it can also be used for News or E-Books or Articles. Based on your sources of Data you can classify.

Classification in Medical Area : This is also a wast topic where you can classify the data based on your requirements: eg. Heart Decease Classification, Cancer Data Classification, Critical Illness Classification, Diabetes Data Classification and Prediction, Recovery Time Prediction for Accident Patient Data and so many work can be done.

Crime Data Classification and Alert System : Based on various Crime Records and features of various cases you can classify or predict the Crime in Particular City or Area or time. Cyber Crime Prediction also can be predicted based on dataset of previous cases of Cyber Crime.

Opinion Mining For Various Policy : Opinion Mining can be used to measure the success ratio of any Policy or any Event. We can mine various reviews regarding Place/Policy/Event etc from online users or offline users. We can include projects like Hotel Review, Website Reviews, Movie Reviews, Social Survey Reviews and so many such type of topics.

We will also discuss how these type of topics can be implemented in our upcoming articles so please subscribe to get updated.

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