Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

In Simple defination Cloud Computing is Providing Computing Services using Network (Internet). Services may include Servers, Storage, Proccessing, Database, Software and many more.
Best thing from Cloud Computing is Only Pay for your Usage. Means You have to pay for what you use. Why organizations are prefering Cloud Services ? There are so many benefits for the user by using Cloud Computing.

Cost :
As you are not paying for Hardware and Software (Main Cost of the System) your capitalized Cost will be decreased. You don’t have to purchase Costly Hardware and Software to process your Services. As you don’t need to Setup your own Data Centers there is no maintenance cost also applied. To make working Data Centers 24/7 is very costly for any organization. By using Cloud Computing organization does not need IT Experts to maintain the Data Centers.

Anywhere Availability :
By using Cloud Services you can define Geographical Locations (Configure ACCESS). So you can get availability of your required resources at anywhere any time.

Most of Cloud Service Providers provide their services on Demand Basis. They can provide High Configured Servers and Other Resources within few minutes of demand. So within Short Time user can get High Speed Processing resources.

Security :
Most of Cloud Service Providers are dedicated to provide Secure Services with their security policies. There is dedicated expert team for protecting your Data/App/Files. Even backup servers stores your backup data, so there are rare chances for data loss or any security threats.

Types of Cloud Computing :

There are main three types of Cloud Computing i)Private ii)Public and iii) Hybrid : Mostly public cloud are available for all who follows the policy of Provider. Like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.. Private Cloud is limited to Single Organization or Business for their personal uses. Many Third Party Providers also provide Private Cloud Services. In Hybrid Cloud user gets Bridge between Private and Public Cloud. User can move their some of data to public from their Private Data.

Types of Basic of Services :

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) : In this type of Cloud Computing Services, you rent IT Infrastructure (Servers/VM/Storage/OS) from Provider. You have to pay for the usage.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): This the type where you can get Environment for Development or Testing your Application. For the Applications those require High Configured Processors and etc can be developed by using PaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS) : In this type you are getting particular software for your use over Cloud ex . Office365.

Here we have discussed some of basics of Cloud Computing. In our upcoming articles we will discuss about Implemenations and other Components of Cloud.

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